Award Categories

  1.  Outstanding Green Energy Consumer / User –Industrial / Commercial
  1. Outstanding DISCOM Supporting Green Energy
  1.  Outstanding Green Energy Initiatives in Transport Sector
  1.  Outstanding Solar Project (5-25 MW), (25-250 MW) and (>250 MW)
  1.  Outstanding Equipment Manufacturers, Technology Developers – Solar
  1. (a)   Outstanding Renewable Energy Producer – Hydro
  1. (b)   Outstanding Renewable Energy Producer – Wind
  1. (a)    Bio Energy – Outstanding Gasification based project: Co-firing
  1. (b)    Bioenergy – Outstanding Gasification based project –Waste to Energy
  1. (a)     Bioenergy – Outstanding Chemical Process based project – Ethanol
  1. (b)    Bioenergy – Outstanding Chemical Process based project – Biogas
  1. (c)    Bioenergy – Outstanding Chemical Process based project – Bio-diesel
  1. Leadership in Battery Charging / Swapping / Infrastructure
  1. Energy Excellence in – Green Public Transport OEM
  1. Excellence in – E-mobility Service Provider
  1. Excellence in –Two Wheelers / Three Wheelers
  1. Unique Green Energy Initiative / Project / Technology
  1. Outstanding Community Based Green Energy Project
  1. Outstanding Green Campaigner –Organization/Individual
  1. Outstanding Financial Institution for Green Financing

 To send your nominations, you are requested to fill the detailed questionnaire available on website and send to us. You can opt for more than one category.

Application Processing Fee:
Category                                                            Fee
1-13 & 16 INR 35,000 + 18% GST
14-15 INR 10,000 + 18% GST

a) Completed forms along with the process fee are to be submitted to the contact details as mentioned in the brochure & website either in soft or hard copies with all the supportive.

b) In case, the applicant does not qualify for any award, the process fee will not be refunded.

c)  Incomplete form without payment will not be accepted or entertained for further evaluation.

d)  Last Nomination date- 15 August, 2023

Cheque/DD/RTGS in favour of: Indian Federation of Green Energy
Bank details: HDFC BANK LTD
Account Name: Indian Federation of Green Energy
Account No. 50200009458810; RTGS/IFSC: HDFC0000678
Branch Address: Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi